So what is it?

As attendees at Red Dwarf conventions past will know, a staple of Dimension Jump in recent years has been our Sunday-afternoon gameshow. As part of Holly Hop 2021, we’ll be bringing you a brand new take on this format with Twonkmaster, a Red Dwarf edition of the BAFTA-winning Taskmaster.

How do I get involved?

We’ve announced a series of creative tasks inspired by moments from Red Dwarf in an effort to weed out the biggest twonks the internet has to offer, and giving you a variety of opportunities to strut your funky stuff.

See What are the tasks? and How to enter for further details.

What will I be competing for?

The overall entry judged the best by the Twonkmaster will receive their own Twonkmaster trophy and a print of Mel Bibby’s set plans signed by the late Production Designer himself.

A selection of the best entries will also be featured as part of the Twonkmaster section of Holly Hop on Sunday 7th February 2021.

Who’s judging the entries?

All will be judged by the Twonkmaster, a half-crazed rouge (sic) writer who has appointed himself judge and jury to the whole of humanity: Red Dwarf’s co-creator Rob Grant.

What are the tasks?

Task 1: Like Rimmer, invent a new Space Corps salute.

Most inventive salute wins.

Task 2: Like Lister’s chocolate finger log cabin in ‘Out of Time’, create a structure out of biscuits.

Most attractive display wins.

Task 3: You are facing The Inquisitor. You must prove you are worth of life. Justify yourself.

Most convincing justification wins.

Task 4: Give a musical performance with all the style and talent of Lister

Most authentic performance wins.

Task 5: Like Ziggy in Timewave, draw a picture of something from Red Dwarf without fear of criticism. 

Best drawing wins (although we won’t be judging as criticism is outlawed and everyone’s a winner).

Task 6: In Series III, the Red Dwarf crew find themselves on a version of Earth where time runs backwards. Perform something in reverse. Bonus marks for including backwards dialogue.

Most accurate when played in reverse by the Twonkmaster wins.

Do I need to take part in all tasks?

No, but the more tasks you attempt, the greater your chances of winning the Twonkmaster prize and being featured in the Twonkmaster section of Holly Hop 2021.

How To Enter

To submit an entry for any one (or more) of the tasks, please send your videos, photos, drawings, audio clips or written answers to For large files, you can send via WeTransfer to, making sure you use a valid email address so that we can get back in touch.

The certain sensible pre-set parameters:

  1. On your WeTransfer, please state your name in the message field for purposes of identifying the entries.
  2. All entries must be visual in some way, but depending on the task, entries can be videos, photos, drawings or whatever you think best conveys your attempt to increase your chances of winning.
  3. There is no limit to how many tasks you can attempt or how many attempts you send for each task.
  4. If filming on a mobile phone, please film in landscape and not portrait.
  5. The closing date for all submissions is 11:59pm on Friday 15th January 2021.

Terms and Conditions

  • Submissions received after 11:59pm on Friday 15th January 2021 will not be counted.
  • The competition is open to all and free to take part.
  • Purchase of a ticket to Holly Hop 2021 is not necessary to submit a task attempt.
  • The prizewinner will be announced during the Twonkmaster section of Holly Hop 2021 on Saturday 6th February 2021. The prizewinner will be contacted by email after this date to arrange delivery of the prize.
  • The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
  • The competition is being run by The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club (TORDFC). Please do not contact anyone other than TORDFC about this competition.
  • By submitting a task attempt, you give consent for TORDFC to use the video/photo for marketing and promotional purposes.