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Below are the terms and conditions for using this site (reddwarffanclub.com), our forums (BTLi) or Dimension Jump mini-site (dimensionjump.info). You can also find general contact details and answers to frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.


  1. ‘Red Dwarf’, the name, logo, story and characters are copyrights owned by Grant Naylor Productions, Doug Naylor, Red Dwarf Films and Rob Grant (“the company”).
  2. The BTLi Forums is a moderated service provided by The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club Worldwide (“TORDFC”).
  3. TORDFC is a strictly non-profit-making organisation supported by the company.
  4. The moderators of the BTLi Forums are responsible for all forum administration. Moderators reserve the right to remove or delete in part or in their entirety any posts from the Forums if they deem it necessary.
  5. By posting to The BTLi Forums the service user agrees to the following conditions:
    • The above mentioned copyrights will be respected at all times.
    • The service user will strive to post in the appropriate forum, according to the subject of the post.
    • Basic ‘netiquette’ will be followed, which is defined as:
      • Treating people how you would like to be treated, and respecting that every member is another human being with feelings.
      • Respecting other people’s time and bandwidth. Not over-posting the same issue in thirty different threads and not posting large pictures that will take ages for someone on dial-up to download.
      • You are not the centre of cyberspace. Other people have concerns other than yours. So don’t expect instant responses to all your questions, and don’t assume that all readers will agree with, or care about your passionate arguments.
      • Be forgiving of other people’s mistakes as everyone was a newbie once.
      • When someone writes something that makes you mad (and someone will), resist the impulse to flame back. One angry response can beget a long and nasty flame war. So no flame bait either please. This also means not deliberately reigniting inflammatory threads by creating new threads after existing threads on the same topic have been closed or locked.
      • Privacy of other users must be respected. Invasion of Privacy will not be tolerated. This includes hacking, or trying to read another member’s Private Messages or emails and posting them onto the public forums without the express consent of the writer. They are called ‘private messages’ for a reason. The service user is also advised not to reveal personal details to other members.
      • No excessive swearing. Major profanities will be censored.
      • No remarks of hate or prejudice (such as sexism, racism or homophobia).
      • No direct or indirect insults, abuse or offending comments to be made in reference to other forum users, members of TORDFC, moderators, etc.
      • No shouting (writing in caps), or language or images of a violent or sexually graphic nature in posts or avatars. This also means no references or links to explicit pornography, no gratuitous references to sex, genitalia or sexual acts or references to other adult content, such as graphic violence or horror.
      • No spamming. Trolls not welcome.
      • When posting external links that may not comply with the Terms and Conditions, it is the responsibility of the user who posts the links to give fair warning about their content.
      • The service user will identify themselves by TORDFC membership number to a moderator upon request.
    • Anyone found to be breaking these simple rules may be banned from BTLi at the discretion of the moderators. In extreme cases of misconduct individuals may be referred to the company.
    • Concerns about individual posts or users are to be addressed to the moderators via private message or email. Any and all complaints directed at a moderating decision on specific posts should be addressed to the moderator in question. Complaints registered in this manner will be taken seriously and dealt with as the moderators deem appropriate.
    • Unless otherwise indicated, all the BTLi Forums are intended for users with current fan club membership. If it is brought to the attention of the moderators that a user’s membership has expired, the user will be be asked to renew his/her membership by the time the next issue of BTL magazine is out. Otherwise further action may have to be taken, which may include referring the matter to the TORDFC team, or as a last resort temporary banning until membership is renewed.
    • Users of the BTLi Forums are also ultimately subject to the Proboards Terms of Service agreement (http://www.proboards.com/tos.html).
    • These terms and conditions govern your access to and use of these forums. By accessing and using these forums you agree that you have accepted these terms and conditions and that they shall apply to your use.
  6. Red Dwarf images appear by kind permission of GNP.

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General contact details

dj@reddwarffanclub.com (DJ queries)
submissions@reddwarffanclub.com (Magazine Submissions)
enlightenment@reddwarffanclub.com (General Queries)

TORDFC WORLDWIDE – for fans in UK and Ireland, Europe, Asia and BFPO:
The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, 3 Halladale Close, YO24 2XJ

TORDFC BRANCH @ USA – for fans in USA, South America and Canada:
New address: Jupiter Mining Company, PO Box 13097, Coyote, CA 95013

TORDFC BRANCH @ AUSTRALIA – for fans in Australia and New Zealand:
The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, PO Box 485, Willaston SA 5118, AUSTRALIA



Q: I have codes for BTLi and BTL Extra in my fan club magazines, where do I enter these?
A: BTLi and BTL Extra – the member only area of reddwarffanclub.com have now been discontinued.


Q: What do I do if I can’t find my membership number?
A: Contact Kerry, the membership coordinator, at her email address listed on the Team page.

Q: How do I find out when my membership expires or how to renew if I can’t find the renewal notification slip?
A: Contact Kerry, the membership coordinator, at her email address listed on the Team page.

Q: How do I know if my membership has expired?
A: If you haven’t received the latest issue of the fan club magazine (in a timely manner) that everyone is talking about and your BTLi password no longer works, your membership has probably expired.


Q: How do I send in a letter, DVD review, fanfic story, meet-up photo, etc. for the next issue of the fan club magazine?
A: You can use in the Submission page to send any material you would like to be included in the next fan club magazine and to read up more on how submissions work.

Dimension Jump fan convention:

Q: When and where is the next Dimension Jump convention to be held?
A: Visit the Dimension Jump mini-site

Q: How do I sign up?
A: A registration form is on the Dimension Jump site that can be printed out and mailed in once a DJ is announced. There will also be a copy of the registration form in BTL magazine beforehand. Registration payment can done either by post or using Paypal.