The fan club is now working on the next issue of our magazine, Back to Reality. We always aim to include plenty of fan submissions in the new mag and this is where you come in! Are you a budding writer or artist? You can submit your work to the team by either using the form below, emailing the team at or sending your work by mail to The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, 3 Halladale Close, YO24 2XJ.

Submission Form

To use the form, just enter in your name and email address, attach the file you wish to submit and add any extra notes as needed. Written submissions can also be entered into the ‘Notes’ field. The file limit is currently set at 2MB due to unavoidable server restrictions, images must be in .jpg, .gif or .png format and text documents must be in .doc, .rdf or .txt format. For larger files and on slower Internet connections the upload process might take a little while, but eventually you will be redirected to a page informing you of the successful or unsuccessful submission. If you have any troubles, contact us on the submissions email address and we’ll work something out. Alternatively, if you have any technical problems with the form, you can contact the website co-ordinator to report the problem.

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    Not everyone has Internet access, and information which online fans are fully aware of, offline fans often aren’t. If you have written an article for a your web site or a post on an Internet forum and you think it worth sharing with people offline, why not stick it in a file and send it to us for inclusion in the magazine?

    We look forward to receiving your content!


    • By submitting your work to the Fan Club, you are giving us permission to print said material either in the Magazine or Online.
    • The Fan Club may decide not to use any submission for reasons of quality or space.
    • If you have sent stuff to us in the past but it’s never been used, please send it to us again as over the years, due to team member changes, things have been regrettably lost. Rest assured anything sent to us from now on will be kept safe.