If you’re a fan and you want to meet other fans of the show you love, what do you do? Well, Red Dwarf has many thriving online communities. Below are a few links to places you can meet fellow Dwarfers.

Official Forums

The Red Dwarf Web Board at is probably one of the first port of calls for every fan. The WebBoard is split into a number of sections, any one of which can reach hundreds of new messages a day. It’s a great place to meet people and make new friends and the ‘paging’ feature and even a full IRC based chat room can be used 24 hours a day allowing immediate interaction with other fans.

Social Networking Sites

One of the newest ways for finding a fan of Red Dwarf is by joining a Red Dwarf related group on one of a number of social networking websites. Here is a list of the sites TORDFC uses, so sign up and get networking!