John and Claire Lenahan – Loud & Louder

John Lenehan is a legend in the world of Red Dwarf, being the first person to bring the brilliant Talkie Toaster to life in the first series of the show and has since then been a proud regular at the Fan Club’s Dimension Jump conventions.

Last week, a few of our number were lucky enough to catch a preview of John’s up-coming Edinburgh show “Loud & Louder” and would love to make you aware of this brilliant show. John and his niece Claire will be taking their show to the Free Fringe, specifically in The Wee Room at the Free Sisters at 10:15pm from 15th – 26th August. If you can’t make it all the way up to the frozen North for the festival, however, there are still two preview dates that more Southernly Dwarfers could make in the coming weeks.

“Prepare for loud and get ready for louder with some extra shouty thrown in for good measure. Volume, comedy and an incredible talent for magic are the three main things that run in the Lenahan family. You will be amazed as this fantastical, relatable (did we mention loud?) duo thrill your senses with a seamless, seam-bursting blend of Comedy, Magic, Escapology, Mind Reading, Cannibalism and Lion Taming (pending permission from Edinburgh Zoo).”